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    An Overview of QSAND and its use in Projects

    An Overview of QSAND and its use in Projects - This event has already finished

    18 April 2018


    This free one-hour webinar will provide you with an overview of QSAND, its concept and why it was developed, its structure including its key sections (PAT and CAT) as well as the benchmarking and scoring method. The will also include section on practical application and explore its use in projects in Asia.

    Are you interested in sustainable solutions to disaster recovery and reconstruction? Do resilience and sustainable development before a natural disaster occurs interest you? Or are you looking for a simple method to benchmark sustainability of a reconstruction project and identify best how to benefit a disaster affected community?

    QSAND was developed by BRE Global (the developers of BREEAM) on behalf of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). As a part of their commitment to sustainable development, IFRC commissioned the development of QSAND to promote sustainable shelter and settlement activities in the aftermath of natural disasters. QSAND draws on the standards developed by BREEAM, the world leading sustainability certification scheme for buildings, infrastructure and masterplanning.

    Sustainability and Resilience are key themes through QSAND generally promoting these areas form a built environment focus for the medium to long term.

    This webinar covers the fundamentals, structure and use of the QSAND including :

    • Overview of its development and content

    • Scope, structure and relationship to the built environment

    • Sustainability and Resilience Issues covered

    • The PAT (Pre-Assessment Tool) section

    • The CAT(Core Assessment Tool) section

    • Practical application, technical or operation support

    • Examples of its use in Asia  

    This webinar is intended for those who would like a general overview of QSAND and understand in more depths the options for its use.