Environmental Do’s and Don’ts


  • Help BRE achieve its ambitious environmental goals by actively contributing to energy and resource efficiency in all the operations and activities in which you are involved
  • Reduce waste, water and energy use:
    • reduce use of paper and put waste in the right bins,
    • turn off lights when you leave a room,
    • use power saving option on computers,
    • make sure your working area is not over/under heated,
    • make sure the equipment you use every day is set up and running properly,
    • make sure equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent leaks that often lead to electricity wastage.
  • Respect and contribute positively to local communities
  • Stop work right away if you believe that what you are doing may damage the environment


  • Be wasteful in your work:
    • use more office supplies than you really need,
    • print documents when it is not essential to do so.
  • Engage in inefficient practices (relating to the use of water, energy, etc.):
    • leave taps running or dripping,
    • set the heating and cooling system at a temperature that is either too high or too low.

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