​​​​The role of third-party certification in installing gas extinguishing and condensed aerosol systems

​​​​The role of third-party certification in installing gas extinguishing and condensed aerosol systems

Gas extinguishing & condensed aerosol systems are important fire suppression tools that can play a vital role in reducing fire risk and damage potential. The correct design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of these products is imperative to ensure that they operate effectively.

Correct product installation and servicing also ensure the ongoing performance of the products and support the increased longevity and durability of the systems.

LPS 1204 

BRE’s fire team has been an integral part of the fire safety industry, in the UK and internationally, for decades. Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1204 sets appropriate technical and quality standards to assure interested parties that gas extinguishing systems are properly designed, installed, commissioned, and serviced to safeguard life and/or property. 

An expert group of industry stakeholders and technical experts, including installers, local Government, insurers, and end users, form part of the team who prepared the latest edition of LPS 1204. This Loss Prevention Standard helps ensure that gas extinguishing & condensed aerosol systems are appropriate for the occupancy and premises in which they are installed and will operate reliably in the event of a fire. The release of the most recent edition of LPS 1204, Issue 3.2, took place in January 2021. 

The certification requirements for LPS 1204 are thorough. As part of the application process, the interested organisation must provide evidence of design, installation, commissioning, and servicing of continuous period of more than two years. They must also show adequate call out facilities (which will result in an 8 hour on site response), among other requirements. After ensuring that the organisation meets all criteria, we issue a certificate and list the certified entity in the Red Book. 

To maintain scheme approval for LPS 1204, installers undergo regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the requirements of this scheme document. These audits consist of two visits per year, conducted at a predetermined frequency and duration. As part of these audits Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) will also select onsite, live and completed, contracts to visit and audit.  

LPS 1204 provides stakeholders with a means of ensuring that installed gas extinguishing & condensed aerosol systems will meet requirements and operate efficiently. 

LPCB Red Book 

The LPCB Red Book is a key reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users of fire and security products and services. Our Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs), which are produced to ensure that a product or service meets the needs of users, are all available through the Red Book. You can download these Loss Prevention Standards, including LPS 1204, for free. 

Improving competency and quality throughout the industry 

The LPS 1014 & LPS 1204: Improving competency and quality throughout the industry& webinar explores how to verify a company’s ability to design, install, commission and service fire detection and alarm systems. It also shows how an end user can be assured that a fixed firefighting system has been designed and installed correctly to ensure that its performance is as intended.  

The recording, which is now available on-demand, shares key concepts and details on LPS 1204 and LPS 1014, and offers 1.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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