How can nature-inspired design foster office occupant wellness? What are the key interventions that can capitalise on the return on investment in an office refurbishment?

These were some of the questions addressed in this launch event for BRE’s Biophilic Office, a world leading research project to gather the evidence for the impacts on people and business of nature-inspired design and technology.

“Biophilic design creates spaces that are energising, stimulating and inspirational. This project is really exciting, we have an incredible line-up of experts and technology experts implementing biophilic design into a previously uninspiring space.” – Oliver Heath

The Biophilic Office

The Wellness and Biophilia Symposium was held at BRE on the 6th and 7th of June 2019.

The Biophilic Office is a long-term research and demonstration project from BRE and Oliver Heath Design. Find out more about The Biophilic Office.

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