Extracting KPI data with SmartWaste’s new API

SmartWaste’s new application programming interface (API) enables you to easily obtain SmartWaste KPI performance data. The API makes it quick and easy to regularly extract your data in the same format.

The new SmartWaste materials and transport API

The new materials and transport application programming interface (API) expands SmartWaste’s capabilities, enabling data on project materials, and their associated transportation, to be automatically uploaded from a customer’s material logistics suppliers.

Is your software a good fit?

The need for different programs for different problems across safety, health, environmental and quality performance is vast. The likelihood is that your information is scattered across numerous incompatible software making data a more complex challenge to harness its potential.

25 years of SmartWaste: a journey towards sustainability excellence

For the past 25 years, SmartWaste by BRE has been spearheading the construction industry’s journey towards environmental sustainability. Born out of extensive research in the late 1990’s, SmartWaste has evolved into a comprehensive software tool that helps construction firms to measure, target, report and reduce waste and other sustainability metrics.