2004 – Rose Park care home

During the night of 31 January 2004, a fire broke out in the Rose Park care home and fourteen elderly people died. A number of investigations and reviews were immediately initiated. A detailed examination of the cause of the fire was carried out at the Health and Safety Laboratory and BRE was separately commissioned by … Continue reading “2004 – Rose Park care home”

2004 – Bethnal Green Road

On the morning of 20th July 2004 a fire broke out within the basement of a small shop, which was tackled by fire fighters for over an hour. Due to the fire’s sudden development, the fourth fire crew to tackle the fire in the basement were trapped and two fire-fighters tragically lost their lives. The … Continue reading “2004 – Bethnal Green Road”

2007 – Penhallow Hotel

On the night of 18 August 2007, Cornwall County Fire Brigade (CCFB) was called to the hotel after smoke was seen in the building. The first crew arrived at 12.26am when they found the building engulfed in flames. Within one hour, all four floors collapsed. Over 80 guests and members of staff managed to escape, … Continue reading “2007 – Penhallow Hotel”

2007 – Cutty Sark

On the morning of the 21st May 2007 the Cutty Sark, which had been closed and partly dismantled for conservation work, caught fire and burned for several hours before the London Fire Brigade could bring the fire under control. Peter Mansi (now of FI UK) was the manager of the London Fire Brigade team of … Continue reading “2007 – Cutty Sark”

High performance, sustainable coated UK timber for exterior applications

A scoping study being conducted for the Forestry Commission The Forestry Commission are supporting a project with BRE that is critically appraising the opportunity for utilising coating technologies on selected UK grown timber to produce a high performance coated exterior wood product. The products under consideration for this technology may be fully factory finished and … Continue reading “High performance, sustainable coated UK timber for exterior applications”

Bio-resins for re-engineered UK wood products

A scoping study being conducted for the Forestry Commission This project aims to provide the platform upon which ForestryCommission can evaluate support for emerging bio-resins and theirapplication in timber re-engineering industry in UK. The study consistsof an appraisal of the status of bio-resins worldwide and the driversand barriers dictating commercial growth, their fitness for purposeand … Continue reading “Bio-resins for re-engineered UK wood products”

Higher machine settings for UK grown Scots Pine

Case study: Forestry Commission:  Scot Pine shows great potential for penetrating higher values markets. In a recent study by BRE for the Forestry Commission (The quality of Scots pine from the Grampianand Cairngorm regions of Scotland), it was identified that the inherent qualities of the material being processed shows great potential for penetrating higher values markets. … Continue reading “Higher machine settings for UK grown Scots Pine”

Modelling Sitka spruce properties

Case study: Forestry Commission: Linking batten performance  to silvicultural models Project Aims: The objective of the project is to develop combined batten performance and silvicultural models, and to apply and validate recent research findings by both organisations in particular from the EU compression wood project and DTi PII project on timber scanning. Project Objectives: Correlate … Continue reading “Modelling Sitka spruce properties”