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Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

Case study: Development of an assessment tool
toyota_retail_ctr_design_case_studyTME approached BRE to devise an environmental standard based on BREEAM to apply to all its Toyota retail units (or outlet).  There are over 3,000 outlets throughout Europe and, starting in 2009, all new builds and refurbishments will be subject to an independent environmental assessment, with their first two ‘Sustainable Retailers’ to be piloted in Sweden and France in 2008.

How BRE helped:The assessment method includes environmental criteria across eight categories; energy, water, waste and materials, pollution, land use and ecology, health and well being, management and transport.

In addition to the assessment tool, Toyota Motor Europe also required design guide to assist retailers, designers and contractors in producing buildings which maximise the potential BREEAM credit available.  BRE prepared a detailed but easy to use web based sustainability information system for TME to support the standard.