The New Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Optimising sustainable solutions

  • Client: Bilfinger + Berger BOT Ltd
  • Value: £32M

Project:The Trust’s primary objective was to procure a new 16,800 m2 hospital to provide modern, high quality, specialist health care for the people of Gloucestershire. The hospital would provide:

  • Excellent clinical care.
  • Fast, convenient, patient-friendly services.
  • A modern, sympathetic environment.
  • Efficient use of resources.
  • Resilience and responsiveness to change.
  • Sustainable development.

The design philosophy was to provide a powerful and welcomoing new identiity to the hospital site. This, coupled with an intergrated design amd construction approach, would ensure that the new hospital was a first class facility, in which patient care could be delivered in a cost-effective, time-effective and patient-friendly manner.

Contribution:BRE provided expert technical advice services, from FITN to Financial Close, to guide the design team and client to ensure that the hospital design met the Trust’s Energy and Environmental targets by:

  • Providing expert advice to help them achieve a design solution.
  • Developing a site specific set of BREEAM criteria for assessment to meet an ‘Excellent’ NEAT (the NHS Environmental Assessment Tool developed by BRE for the NHS Estates) rating.
  • Evaluating and identifying the design criteria that provide conflicts of interest for the consortium in terms of acoustic performance, window design, airtightness, ventilation and comfort requirements.
  • Assisting in compliance with acoustic requirements as required in HTM56 and 2045 to meet the requirements of the NHS Fire Codes and liaison with the building control officer.

Benefits: BRE enabled the architects and design team to optimise sustainable solutions.