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The Building Research Housing Group (BRHG) – secretariat service

Client: Building Research Housing Group

Client challenge: The Building Research Housing Group (BRHG) was formed in April 1992. It has grown to become the largest group of innovative social housing providers, with an overall responsibility for more than one million homes, and spending over £2.2 billion per year on maintenance, management and development. A proactive steering committee, elected by the membership, directs all group activities, which are co-ordinated by a secretariat from the BRE.

To provide secretariat service of over 250 individual tasks per year and use links with BRE staff, research and facilities to the benefit of the group. To enable the sharing of knowledge, experience and documents within the membership against a background of increasing pressures from costs, legislation and standards.

The BRE approach:

  • Three main seminars per year
  • One AGM and Annual Conference
  • Five steering committee meetings
  • Regional breakfast meetings
  • Bi-monthly E-Newsletters
  • BRE site facilities used for hosting meetings, events and tours of the Innovation Park
  • Helpline for questions to the full membership network

Key outcomes

  • BRHG members have frequently saved significant costs by removing typical wasted effort and other tips identified by speaker experts in their field at BRHG events
  • BRHG members saved up to 30% CO2 with INTEGER housing schemes
  • BRHG events typically score over 80% satisfaction with delegates
  • BRHG members have gained promotion assisted by BRHG activities
  • BRHG members use BRE services and expertise as consultancy

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