Technik Wall Case Study

Prefabricated facade monowall system

Technik Wall is a prefabricated facade solution that incorporates the rainscreen cladding, insulation and interior wall finish as an all-in-one monowall system.

This highly cost effective system has superb thermal performance and can be finished with virtually any outer facade finish. The core benefits are:

  • Outstanding thermal performance: Achieves low U values, from 0.23 W/m² K to 0.15W/m2K depending on wall thickness.
  • All in one monowall construction. Incorporates exterior rainscreen, insulation and interior wall finish in preassembled panel.
  • Cost neutral when compared to conventional curtain wall and masonry systems.
  • Rapid installation on site: 180m² per installation team per day.
  • Panels are prefabricated off site to factory tolerances following quality management systems.
  • Architect can specify virtually any outer rainscreen facade finish.
  • No wet trades on site. Panels are lifted directly off lorry and mounted directly onto the facade.
  • Efficient delivery system results in fewer lorry movements and deliveries to site.
  • Large overall panel size results in fewer panel joints compared to conventional curtain wall and unitised cladding panel.
  • Achieves grade A rating according to the ‘Green Guide to Specification’ with low impact rainscreen finishes.
  • System incorporates high recycled material content.
  • Thin panels result in more interior floor space compared with traditional wall cladding systems.
  • Panels come windows and doors pre-fitted to panel.
  • Interior ‘mist coat’ paint finish preapplied.
  • 116 minute resistance to fire.
  • System has passed accredited tests at the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE).

With 200mm of insulation Technik Wall has a higher thermal performance for the same thickness of system compared with curtain walling or brick and block. Increasing the thickness of the insulation achieves lower U-values. 0.18W/m² K can be achieved for a 20% glazed area.

The outer rainscreen, sub-frame, insulation and a gypsum based interior ‘skin’, pre-painted with a mist coat finish. The panels can be assembled with windows, doors, solar shading louvres and electrical services pre-installed, ready for rapid installation on site.

Technik Wall arrives on site as large prefabricated panels, which need only to be craned into position and fixed. This means a team can install up to 180 square metres a day, resulting in significant savings in program time. Manufactured off-site to factory tolerances, once on site, installation is clean, there are no wet-trades and no mess associated with other construction methods.

The system can incorporate virtually any facade finish. BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes use the ‘Green Guide to Specification’ as a basis for examining environmental impact.

Technik Wall achieves a top ‘A’ grade according to the ‘Green Guide to Specification’ rating system, when combined with low embodied impact rainscreen materials, such as western red cedar timber and cement board. A high density internal wall finish is also used, this material is manufactured from re-cycled paper, recycled gypsum and reprocessed water. This primary component contains 95% recycled material content.

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