Nottingham Castle protected through LPCB-certified secondary glazing from Selectaglaze

Achieving LPCB certification demonstrates a commitment to offering safe products with the highest levels of protection.

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A robust demountable fixed frame, certified by LPCB, protects Nottingham Castle without impacting the preservation of the Grade I Listed building.

About Selectaglaze

Founded in 1966 and granted a Royal Warrant in 2004, Selectaglaze makes buildings warmer, quieter and safer across the UK with discreet and bespoke secondary glazing. It is well suited for Listed buildings and will significantly raise performance levels of single glazed windows which cannot be changed.

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  • Government Indemnity Scheme requirements for security complying with LPS 1175 met
  • Only secondary glazing supplier able to provide dedicated secondary glazing units certified to this level of forced entry protection
  • Boosted confidence through alignment with recognised certification


To develop secure interactive and engaging exhibition spaces during a recent large-scale refurbishment of Nottingham Castle, it was important to enhance the security of several large original single glazed windows.

However, the museum’s Grade I status meant enhancements to its security had to be achieved in a careful manner, minimising the impact on the exterior and interior appearance of the castle, originally built in 1068.

What was done

Selectaglaze – one of the leading providers of secondary glazing systems across London and the UK – first achieved certification for secondary glazing systems to LPS 1175 in 2004.

Selectaglaze was keen to develop a security secondary glazed unit that is resistant to forced entry but complies with the requirements of Listed buildings. The Series 43 secondary glazing system was the culmination of testing conducted on several prototypes. This demountable fixed light combines in-built strength and resistance to possible levering, whilst maintaining a slim sleek frame, ensuring its discreetness when installed in an ornate Listed window opening.

Commenting on behalf of Selectaglaze, Zoe Williams said “Selectaglaze has invested a lot of time and money to create the range of security products necessary to meet different specifications and window styles. No other secondary glazing suppliers are able to supply units certified to this level of forced entry protection, which is testament to our achievements”.

The product has been used in many highly sensitive and Listed buildings, including installations in some of the ground floor windows of Nottingham Castle. Use of this LPCB-certified secondary glazing during the recent refurbishment made spaces within the building lighter and more inviting, whilst ensuring that they were secure and that Government Indemnity Scheme requirements were met.

Project outcome

Achieving LPCB certification demonstrates a commitment to offering safe products with the highest levels of protection. Selectaglaze aims to preserve heritage by making buildings warmer, quieter and safer and they have been able to provide protection at Nottingham Castle, without infringement on the building’s special architectural features.

When searching for security products and services, specifiers are keen to ensure that a product has undergone rigorous type testing and assessment of the level conducted in support of receiving LPCB’s globally recognised third-party certification. Furthermore, all LPCB-certified products are listed in the Red Book, making it a great resource for users of these products.

Next steps

LPCB certification is particularly attractive to specifiers and regulators, such as The Arts Council, as it provides confidence that products are fit for purpose and have the necessary and associated accreditations.

Selectaglaze has been able to use the knowledge gained during their test programmes to develop a wide range of secondary glazing systems that combine forced entry protection with a host of other functionalities including acoustic and thermal resistance. They will continue to use LPCB certification to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products as they extend their range of secondary glazing systems.

Selectaglaze has worked hard over the years to develop a range of security products that will protect our architectural legacies. Our ongoing relationship with the LPCB, which started in 2004, provides confidence and value through the highly respected third-party certification, for clients using our security products.

Zoe Williams, Head Of Marketing, Selectaglaze

LPCB Security Product Testing Video

Our third party certification of fire and security equipment is underpinned by robust testing and evaluation of products and supporting documentation and auditing of clients supporting processes. BRE’s forced entry testing of physical security equipment is renowned around the world, by a growing number of Governments, regulators, multinational end-users, police and insurers.

Watch forced entry testing by LPCB

LPCB product certification process

What is product certification?

Certification (or approval) is independent third party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements

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