Meesons use LPCB certification to improve the provision of security across buildings

As the requirement to provide security across buildings grows, Meesons have expanded their offering to include the Fortis range of Full Height Turnstiles.

Meesons Fortis Full Height Turnstile Single Straight Arm Low Res BRE Group

With this, Meesons can provide specifiers with LPS 1175 approved products from the perimeter to the building façade and through to internal zones.

About Meesons

Meesons are a leading provider of physical entrance control solutions with a track record of exceeding customers’ expectations and delivering quality security systems to highly demanding environments.

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Fortis Full-Height Turnstile
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  • Previous LPCB testing allowed Meesons to create a highly robust and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solution
  • Security professionals praised Meesons on the robustness of the standard
  • LPCB certification gave peace of mind that a product provides a reliable delay


With crime in the United Kingdom increasing, the need to provide a level of delay to burglars, criminals, terrorists, or others who are prepared to use force to gain access on the perimeter of a site has also risen. Specifiers now require high levels of protection from the perimeter to the building façade and through to internal zones.

Meesons – a leading provider of physical entrance control and anti-tailgating solutions – first commissioned testing and certification from BRE in 2018, however, their ambition did not rest there. Meesons have worked closely with LPCB since then to raise the level of security available to specifiers, providing peace of mind that a security product offers a reliable delay and means of detection required to protect against intrusion.

Meesons began the development of their Fortis range of high-security, 4-wing rotor, bi-directional turnstiles in 2019. Their overall objective was to create a full-height pedestrian access solution to meet the requirements of the LPS 1175 standard, whilst maintaining a very open feel when approaching and transiting through the turnstile.

What was done

Meesons wanted a robust solution to resist the threat from a mob attack on the perimeter fence line and approached LPCB to discuss their certification requirement in July 2019. The thorough testing schedule began in February 2020, with the final test in November 2020.

Prior experience with LPCB testing allowed Meesons to focus on the key areas of the product, to create a highly robust and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing solution. Commenting on the launch of the Fortis range, Martin Washby, Technical Services Manager at Meesons, said “We started the Fortis development with the objective of creating a full-height pedestrian access solution to meet the requirements of the LPS 1175 standard, whilst maintaining a very open feel when approaching and transiting through the turnstile. Rather than taking an existing turnstile and adding further structure to meet the attack testing, such as cladding and paddles arms, we tried to make the product as aesthetically pleasing as possible while still maintaining its functionality”.

Project outcome

Meesons were impressed with the testing programme undertaken by BRE’s test engineers, who are renowned for their forced entry capabilities. One of the challenges of making buildings safe and secure is selecting and installing security products that do what they claim, and LPCB certification offers third-party verification that a product performs as expected. All LPCB certified products are listed in the Red Book, the primary reference of security products and services across the world.

Next steps

Meesons have developed LPS 1175 certified solutions from the perimeter to the building façade and through to internal zones. More specifiers are requesting LPS 1175 certified systems and they no longer have to compromise on the levels of forced entry protection they require for their entrance systems.

Meesons plans to expand its range of LPS 1175 approved security solutions as a competitive advantage.

Since achieving our first product approval in 2018 we have continued to work closely with BRE to expand our range of LPS 1175 approved products. The rigorous testing to achieve the LPS 1175 standard provides specifiers with confidence that our approved products will continue to deliver the performance expected.

Iain Entwistle, Product Marketing Manager, Meesons

LPCB Security Product Testing Video

Our third party certification of fire and security equipment is underpinned by robust testing and evaluation of products and supporting documentation and auditing of clients supporting processes. BRE’s forced entry testing of physical security equipment is renowned around the world, by a growing number of Governments, regulators, multinational end-users, police and insurers.

Watch forced entry testing by LPCB

LPCB product certification process

What is product certification?

Certification (or approval) is independent third party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements

Find out more about the certification process

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