Market-first: Frontier Pitts produce 120-degree rotor turnstile, certified by LPCB

Working with LPCB ensured that Frontier Pitts created a 120-degree rotor turnstile that had not previously been achieved.

As a result of client demand, Frontier Pitts developed a market-first turnstile with a 120-degree rotor. Working with LPCB ensured that Frontier Pitts satisfied the demand, developing a turnstile that had not previously been achieved.

About Frontier Pitts

A British based manufacturer of security gates, automatic barriers, road blockers, rising and static bollards, pedestrian control gates and turnstiles whose products are used to secure critical infrastructure and many prestigious sites around the world.

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  • Market-first 120-degree rotor turnstile
  • Turnstile provides wider walkway sections and increased accessibility, satisfying customer demand
  • LPCB certification has bolstered client confidence in the product


In 2011, Frontier Pitts became the first manufacturer to achieve LPS 1175 certification for turnstiles. In 2019, Frontier Pitts began to see specifiers adopting the latest version of LPS 1175 (Issue 8) and specifying entire perimeters to specific LPS 1175 security ratings. This created a need for turnstiles and gates that delivered protection levels which matched the security ratings achieved by the adjacent fence line. As a result, Frontier Pitts launched their Platinum Turnstile; first released as a 90-degree 4 section walkway unit in December 2019. Commenting on behalf of Frontier Pitts, Sally Osmond said “Our ability to tailor the Terra Diamond turnstile to suit lower security ratings very quickly and economically was certainly helped by the experience we had gained being the first to develop an LPS 1175 rated turnstile and the extensive data set BRE had provided during the evaluation of that turnstile”.

More recently, Frontier Pitts were challenged to introduce a 120-degree rotor (3-winged) option into their turnstile range. Osmond commented “Many users prefer the 120-degree turnstiles because of the increased space it provides passing through, reducing the sense of claustrophobia.

We recognised that no one had managed to develop one that achieved a security rating to LPS 1175. It was quite a challenge because, unlike on a 4-winged turnstile, there are fewer rotor arms to prevent unauthorised access and so the components have to exhibit significantly greater resistance to those on a 90-degree (4-winged) turnstile”.

What was done

Frontier Pitts were keen to work with LPCB to ensure the products they delivered successfully mitigated the latest security threats. This was because, as Osmond explained, “LPCB certification is a highly regarded indicator of a security product’s effectiveness and the Red Book is used by specifiers around the world”.

Frontier Pitts engaged BRE at an early stage of the product’s development, commissioning testing to determine the products suitability. BRE’s security test engineers are renowned for their expertise, and for them breaching a very high percentage of the products submitted to them for testing. Successfully achieving a security rating therefore requires a commitment to delivering excellence from across the organisation.

Project outcome

Frontier Pitts aim to be the world leaders of perimeter security and have achieved a market-first by developing the 120-degree rotor turnstile, a growing requirement for many of its customers around the world.

Offering products that have been independently certified by BRE bolsters confidence amongst their clients. Furthermore, all LPCB certified products are listed in the Red Book. This is a primary reference for specifiers, regulators, designers and end users of security products and services around the world.

Next steps

Frontier Pitts have developed an extensive range of highly secure perimeter products, providing both forced entry protection as well as hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM). Their investment in the development of those products has not only led to their clients having access to a comprehensive portfolio of options; Frontier Pitts are able to use the knowledge they have gained from each and every test programme to support their development of solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. They therefore plan to continue developing products that ensure they stay ahead of their client’s requirements.

BRE’s proactive approach to testing supports our ability to streamline the successful development of new products and we are delighted that the 120-degree rotor turnstile is another in a growing line of perimeter entrance solutions to have achieved LPCB’s coveted certification.

Sally Osmond, Marketing Manager, Frontier Pitts

LPCB Security Product Testing Video

Our third party certification of fire and security equipment is underpinned by robust testing and evaluation of products and supporting documentation and auditing of clients supporting processes. BRE’s forced entry testing of physical security equipment is renowned around the world, by a growing number of Governments, regulators, multinational end-users, police and insurers.

Watch forced entry testing by LPCB

LPCB product certification process

What is product certification?

Certification (or approval) is independent third party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements

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