A77 Maybole bypass southern roundabout sustainable infrastructure

A77 Maybole Bypass Construction Award

A77 Maybole bypass southern roundabout sustainable infrastructure

CEEQUAL Excellent – Construction Award

Version 5, 2023| Glasgow, UK

Assessed by: Keith Fernandes, Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd
Verified by: Ian Mackay, Independent Sustainability Advisor
Client: Transport Scotland
Contractor: Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd

Project Summary

The A77 Maybole Bypass reduces journey times on the A77 by diverting traffic away from the High Street of the Town of Maybole in South Ayrshire.

The £29million project will allow the town of Maybole to undergo regeneration due to the reduction of through traffic.

Key features of the project:

  • Approximately 5.5km of offline bypass including WS2+1 sections of climbing lanes.
  • 2km paved side roads and 1.5km of access tracks.
  • Three primary bridge structures comprising two overbridges and one underbridge. Two overbridges carrying Gardenrose Path and Kirklandhill Path respectively over the new A77. One underbridge carrying the new A77 over Alloway Road.
  • Three culverts to carry the Brockloch Burn through Low Grange Road, the A77 and a pond access.
  • One underpass under the A77 to accommodate farm accesses.
  • Two rock cuts which provided material used in the Ground Improvement Layer, capping etc.
  • Three roundabouts; accommodation works; drainage works including the provision of pipe culverts, attenuation and treatment measures; fencing and safety barrier; earthworks; road markings; signing and lining; and street lighting.
  • 5 CCTV cameras and 2 Variable Messaging Signs were installed.


Alloway Road Underbridge


Embodied carbon emissions 19,573 kg CO2 equivalent 0% reduction achieved
Locally supplied material 169,916 tonnes 50 % of total material used
Re-used material 83,995 m3 49% of total material used
Waste diverted from landfill N/A tonnes or m3 100% of total waste

Financial Benefits

Did the use of CEEQUAL deliver any financial benefits?

CEEQUAL did deliver financial benefits to the project. A solar unit was rented to supply power to the Electric Vehicle chargers that were installed in the site car park. This reduced the cost of our standard energy supply for the compound by reducing the amount of diesel required by half.

In your view, has CEEQUAL represented value for money?

Yes. Whilst only minor savings have been quantified we believe CEEQUAL contributed to our decision making process during the construction phase.


Gardenrose Path Overbridge


Land Use

During the construction of the works there was a requirement for various stockyards across the site.

The site was surrounded by greenfields thus making it challenging to store stockpiles and various other materials.

The stockpile locations were positioned on the road that was due to be built rather than taking up more greenfield space outwith the LMA , thus making effective use of land resources as well as minimising the long-term adverse impacts of the temporary greenfield land take during construction.


Kirklandhill Path Overbridge

Further Information

What were the main challenges for the project and how were these overcome?

Very poor ground conditions at the Northern roundabout under the footprint of the new road and Culvert C2. Cone Penetration Testing carried out to inform a geogrid solution which involved settlement monitoring periods prior to pavement construction.

What were the drivers and perceived benefits for undertaking a CEEQUAL assessment on this project?

CEEQUAL brings sustainability to the front of our decision making process.

How did the use of CEEQUAL influence the outcomes of the project? 

This increased the focus on reducing waste and increasing the materials we could win on site.

What elements of this project highlight best practice and innovation?

On site crusher to crush excavated rock to allow re-use on site.


What were the drivers and perceived benefits for undertaking a CEEQUAL assessment on this project?

There was a greater focus on opportunities to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency than there would likely have otherwise been.

What elements of this project highlight best practice and innovation?

The innovative cable protection structure eliminated huge quantities of reinforced concrete and replacing them with recycled plastic and air.

 Culvert C1

132kV Lightweight Embankment Installation


“Undertaking a CEEQUAL assessment and achieving the Excellent award is a great achievement. This reaffirms our commitment to a more sustainable greener construction policy”.

John Stephens – Contracts Manager, Wills Bros (Contractor)

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