Using BREEAM across an asset’s lifecycle: Hermes Business Campus

Building on their initial success with a BREEAM New Construction “Excellent” rating in 2013, NGY Properties Investment SRL further strengthens their commitment to holistic sustainability through BREEAM In-Use. Their second “Excellent” rating in 2023 is a testament to their dedication and robust ESG strategy.


Asset Performance: 76.2%

Management Performance: 73%

Version: BREEAM In-Use (BIU) International V6

Client: Adventum Group

Real estate developer: Atenor

Assessor Organisation: Colliers

Consultant: Oana-Mihaela Stamatin


Hermes Business Campus (HBC) is a three-building site spanning 75,000 sqm of leasable space, situated in Bucharest, Romania.

Developed by Atenor, the campus received a BREEAM New Construction 2013 “Excellent” rating in 2018. In 2021, Adventum Group’s QUARTUM fund acquired the project, committing to sustainability by pursuing and obtaining the BREEAM In-use (BIU) Certification in 2023, also achieving the “Excellent” rating for both parts of the assessment.

BREEAM New Construction cultivates sustainable design that reduces environmental impact and saves resources. It encourages renewable energy use, efficient water management, and responsible material sourcing.

Once operational, BIU maintains the building’s sustainability status by promoting ongoing energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and occupant comfort. Regular assessments foster continuous improvement, leading to lower costs, better occupant well-being, and increased property value.

BIU continuously promotes improved efficiency throughout HBC’s operation through monitoring activities, and setting performance targets based on real-time data. Setting tangible targets allows for decreased running costs and favourable environmental outcomes.

Improved building efficiency and performance from BREEAM products has been shown to increase asset value.  Advantages such as lower vacancy rates, higher rental premiums, and serving as a reputable and valuable option for organizations pursuing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, as shown by recent research by Knight Frank.

Measures undertaken to better understand the performance characteristics of the asset means owners and operators can help to bridge the performance gap (when the predicted energy use and ultimate efficiency of the building differ). BIU equips users with actual performance data, empowering them to plan improvements and drive positive change based on real-world outcomes.

 By adopting the entire BREEAM approach, stakeholders demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, creating a greener and more resilient asset for the future.

 “The BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” rating consolidates the efforts made by Hermes Business Campus to provide the best working environment for its occupants. The asset has surpassed the typical class A office building through inherent energy efficiency, sustainable water use, users’ health, wellbeing, and safety considerations, as well as features to protect and enhance its ecological value. Sustainability is now important when selecting an asset and Hermes Business Campus has proven its commitment to achieve and surpass the best management practices in relevant areas for an office building.”

Roxana Isopescu, Senior Sustainability Consultant, ESG Strategic Advisory at Colliers

2013 – BREEAM NC “Excellent”



Climate change adaptation EU taxonomy icon BREEAM green

2023 – BREEAM In-Use “Excellent”



Future potential for BREEAM RFO assessment

Benefits of using BREEAM

Sustainability is at the forefront of Adventum Group’s approach to managing their Central and Eastern European (CEE) real estate portfolio. They are driven to provide accountability for their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy and understand the power of BREEAM to drive sustainable practices and increase property value. By prioritising BREEAM certification, Adventum Group ensured that their properties met rigorous sustainability standards, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility, and creating value for both tenants and stakeholders.

A side view of the grey and glass Hermes Business Campus from high up.

Embracing the principles of BREEAM, HBC has prioritised sustainability from project conception. From its initial design, which adhered to BREEAM New Construction guidelines, HBC has consistently opted to use sustainable practices throughout its operational phase. By obtaining the BREEAM In-Use Certification, HBC consolidates environmentally responsible operations for the future.

“We acquire standing assets and the focus point of our strategy, which is to make these more energy efficient consequently reducing CO2 emissions for the lifetime, is in stark contrast with new developments that usually focus only on the end product and its energy efficiency even though the construction process usually contributes to more than 40% of the lifetime CO2 emissions of the property. Subsequently we believe our strategy will be more and more sought after as investors and tenants realize that upgrading the efficiency is a considerably more ESG conscious strategy than tearing down old properties and building new ones. Moreover, in line with our ESG strategy we are planning to transform all our assets into sustainable, energy efficient properties with smart investments. Achieving an Excellent rating with HBC this year is the proof of our dedication and efforts, and also an important milestone in accomplishing our goals.”

Marcell Mihályfi, Head of Office Asset Management and Partner at Adventum

At Adventum Group, ESG drives investment strategy, with a strong focus on green investments in the core CEE markets, including Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. As regulations increasingly emphasise the importance of circularity, Adventum Group’s commitment to ESG positions them at forefront of the industry, creating value for stakeholders and ensuring stewardship of materials during and beyond the operational phase of a building.



BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment methodology for masterplanning projects, infrastructure, and buildings. It recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction, through performance in operation, to refurbishment.

BREEAM does this through third party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance, using standards developed by BRE. This means BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments.

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