2004 – Bethnal Green Road

bethnal green BRE Group

On the morning of 20th July 2004 a fire broke out within the basement of a small shop, which was tackled by fire fighters for over an hour. Due to the fire’s sudden development, the fourth fire crew to tackle the fire in the basement were trapped and two fire-fighters tragically lost their lives.

The London Fire Brigade fire investigation, led by Peter Mansi (now of FI UK), took almost a year to conclude and gave evidence for a total of over 12 hours during the 2 weeks Coroner’s inquest in 2006.

Complexities involving the accurate determination of the fire’s development resulted in the involvement of BRE Global who carried out computer modelling of the incident in order to assess the plausibility of the hypothesised fire development. The modelling demonstrated that an alternative hypothesis was needed in order to account for the known sequence of events.

The work enabled the inquest to come to a satisfactory conclusion for the families involved through the inquest.

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