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Value of sustainability

As the market place becomes increasingly competitive and there is a need to be able to differentiate oneself as a high performer.

Authors Andy Lewry, James Fisher and Matt Holden discuss how sustainability results in high performance buildings. They concluded that Sustainability in general and the third-party certification of sustainability are becoming more mainstream across institutional grade real estate. In reviewing the latest literature and through our industry networks, we have noted a shift in the argument in recent times away from a “green premium” to a “brown discount”, especially within the London office market, that seems to indicate a shift from a developing market for sustainability to a mature market where sustainable credentials come hand in hand with top level assets.

The full article is available here.

On a similar note Dr Andy Lewry of BREEAM chats to MBStv about the value of high-performing buildings; and why buildings that don’t come up to scratch are seeing rent values falling under the ‘brown discount’ in an interview with Modern Building Services.