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Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Working

The Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions have outlined the top 10 most important issues that define collaborative working and make it work, in terms of delivering superior outcomes for clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

  1. Encourage the culture, and reward the behaviours, that support a collaborative approach.
  2. Focus on outturn value not just cost
  3. Select on merit: do not procure on lowest cost especially when you can’t be sure what you need
  4. Involve the supply chain, they are the experts in their field
  5. Make decisions that benefit the whole project
  6. Involve others as early as you can and not just earlier than usual; involve key partners right from the start
  7. Ensure that all team members know what to do and have the appropriate collaborative competencies to do it
  8. Make sure everyone can access and use all the information
  9. Use collaborative contracts that encourage trust,provide transparency and produce more trouble-free projects
  10. Expect promptly paid for involvement -not free consultation
Read the tips in full on the Constructing Excellence website.