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Time to review Responsible Sourcing

BRE is now starting a consultation process to update the BES 6001 standard. Currently at version 3, BRE is planning to issue a version 3.1 before the end of the year.

Existing certificate holders and any other interested parties have been invited to the kick off meeting on 12th May in Central London; anyone else wishing to attend can do so by registering here. There is also an online survey that stakeholders can comment on the scoring clauses of the standard directly (the survey can be accessed here).

The primary objective of the revision is to enhance the clarity of the standard; consider the outputs of the BREEAM Mat 03 consultation and discuss what additional requirements BRE can introduce to enhance the social aspects of supply chain management and transparency.

It is not the intention to restructure the standard in such a way that would force existing certificate holders to re-certify. If improvements are agreed through the stakeholder process then individual organisations will be able to determine for themselves whether to recertify or not.

This updated will be conscious of current developments in relation to the Modern Slavery Act and will take learnings from the sister standard looking at Ethical Labour issues in the supply chain.

Any queries regarding this consultation can be directed to Dr Shamir Ghumra; [email protected]