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The secret to unlocking investment in low carbon measures

New publication: Producing the business case for investment in energy efficiency energy meter

“One of the biggest obstacles to the uptake of low-carbon measures is the production of a poor business case. The Dragon’s Den scenario, in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to secure investment, holds in that unless the business case stacks up and can take close scrutiny the idea will be thrown out no matter how good it is. Rarely do the benefits of energy savings alone justify investment, but this is starting to change with recent 10% year-on-year increases in energy prices. However, reduced maintenance and increased productivity need to be factored in if the business case is to stack up.”
A new IHS BRE Press Information Paper by author Andy Lewry provides practical guidance and advice on putting a business case together. It has been produced in collaboration with ESTA with funding from the BRE Trust.
Aimed at energy and facilities managers, energy consultants and advisors, the paper aims to help technical staff communicate in terms that their financial counterparts and board level decision makers will understand.
Copies of the Information Paper are available from the BRE Bookshop