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The Great British BIM Off

It’s not often that baking and construction are compared, but that just what our BIM training manager, Dan has done. Whilst watching the Great British Bake Off last night, he found himself thinking about how similar baking can be to working with BIM.

He took to his LinkedIn and shared his thoughts in this fantastic article which we thought we’d share here too.

So – if you’ve ever wondered how construction and baking can be similar, read on by clicking the link below (I wonder if Mary Berry would agree?)…

The Great British BIM Off

Upcoming BIM webinar with Dan:

If you’d like to hear more from Dan about BIM, why not join our upcoming webinar (the second in a series of three) ‘BIM: Information Delivery‘, where you can learn about the BIM life-cycle flow and learn they key documents you need to be aware of.

You’ll get an hour’s CPD and will also be able to have your BIM questions answered in real time, without ever leaving your desk, living room or lunch-spot!