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Sweden Green Building Council launches BREEAM-SE 2017!

I’d like to share the recent news from our National Scheme Operator in Sweden who have launched a new version of the BREEAM-SE manual. BRE would like to congratulate the Swedish Green Building Council on the launch of the BREEAM-SE 2017 scheme.

BREEAM-SE New Construction 2017 replaces the existing BREEAM-SE 2013 scheme, based on BREEAM International New Construction 2016  it has been adapted to incorporate Swedish laws, standards and conditions.

The release of the new manual means our BREEAM-SE assessors can now certify even more building types. In addition to commercial buildings, the BREEAM-SE New Construction 2017 scheme can be used to assess schools, pre-schools, housing, and several other building types. BREEAM-SE Bespoke certification is available for building types that are not included in the manual.

Sabina Jonestrand, BREEAM Manager at Sweden Green Building Council:

”BREEAM-SE 2017 has been eagerly awaited by the Swedish construction sector and our clients. It’s a good thing that the new manual incorporates more building types and that BREEAM-SE gets a more holistic perspective, due to the new criteria”.

”I’m also very happy that projects can now apply for their own innovation points – I’m hoping this will spur new innovation in the Swedish construction sector and also reward actors who are innovative and are at the forefront of sustainability.”

One of the first projects to use the new manual will be Kineum, in the Gårda neighbourhood of Gothenburg. A joint project between NCC and Platzer, the building will be nearly 30 stories tall and have 30,000 square metres of working space, the idea is to create a forum for new ideas, creativity and meetings.

Sofia Tabod is the project manager for Kineum Gårda at NCC:

”We have high hopes that the new manual will support us even more in creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable building in Gothenburg. We’re creating a sustainable building that we know will stand the test of time.”

The 2017 BREEAM-SE manual will be applied to all new registrations after the 16th of December 2017 but can be used for new projects starting November 16th. From autumn, only BREEAM-SE 2017 will be covered in all of Sweden Green Building Council’s BREEAM-SE-courses and all BREEAM-SE Assessors and Accredited Professionals will need to take a refresher course for BREEAM-SE 2017. There will also be a refresher course for those who aren’t assessors or AP, but need a deeper understanding about what the changes in the new manual means for their projects and companies.

”I am very grateful for the commitment and involvement from our members, users and experts in developing BREEAM-SE 2017”, Sabina Jonestrand continues. ”My hope is that BREEAM-SE 2017 will promote sustainable building even more and contribute to the industry reaching national and international environmental goals.”


For inquires regarding BREEAM-SE New Construction 2017, please contact Sabina Jonestrand, BREEAM Manager at Sweden Green Building Council, [email protected]