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Supporting the QSAND Tool – Meet Pallavi.

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Photo Credit: Pallavi Davé

The QSAND team has been very lucky to work with various talented and dedicated individuals in developing our capacity to support disaster response activities globally. Following a presentation given by Yetunde Abdul, QSAND Programme Manager, at Eco Build in London, in March 2018, one such person reached out to offer pro bono services and their support in promoting QSAND through the development of an animated informational video.

Pallavi Davé is a designer who specialises in animation and 3D printing, who offered to work with the QSAND team to develop a short informational film about QSAND. This is the first major collaboration of its type, focusing on communication and awareness-raising for the QSAND tool with a creative professional.

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A still from Miss Todd 8211 A Collaborative Stop Motion Project viewable here Photo credit Pallavi Davé

“I was interested in supporting the work of QSAND after first hearing about it last year.” Said Pallavi. “It was great to have the opportunity to help communicate how the QSAND framework can be used in promoting sustainable reconstruction after disasters. The idea is to take the technical information and communicate it in a way that is easier to understand which will hopefully help grow its user base.”

“The idea of developing the informational film was a very exciting one for QSAND.” Said Yetunde Abdul, QSAND Programme Manager. “We were impressed with Pallavi’s previous work and her generous offer to create this video for us came at the right time.”

The video in development will show how QSAND works and focuses on some of the key issues to consider in reconstruction efforts.

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Snackellites 8211 A 2D animation by Pallavi Dave viewable here Photo credit Pallavi Davé

“It has been a fun process to develop the storyboard for the video, and we are very happy with the story we want to tell.” Said George Foden, QSAND Support Officer. “This video will be a great way to spread the word about QSAND in a way that our case studies and other promotional materials cannot.”

We greatly appreciate the hard work of Pallavi, and of all our supporters who contribute so much to the development of QSAND. There are a number of ways you can get involved and support us in our mission to build a better world together. To find out more, please visit the QSAND support page.

On completion, the video will be available on the QSAND website.