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Staying at the top of the game in built environment training

Next month, BRE Academy will be three years old. Today we are a 17 strong team, and growing fast.
What started as putting all the amazing learning that BRE was sharing under one roof is now a full Academy, sharing knowledge and delivering professional qualifications.

Most of these services are now accessible through the new platform created last year. It began life as simply a vehicle for our new range of online courses, but has now become the home for all things Academy, and over the coming year most of our activities will move to this new platform.

I am immensely proud of my team who have seen and coped with the massive change in approach and standards that the Academy has brought, not least of which has been ‘digital first’. They have adapted well at every stage. Our success is clearly demonstrated two award wins already in 2017: the Herts Building and Construction Awards (Training and Skills Provider) and the CIBSE Building Performance Award 2017 (BREEAM Associate Training).

BRE Academy has delivered training – both online and classroom – in more than 40 countries, often developed with specialist built environment partners. Our program of webinars is in big demand. The BRE Bookshop is increasingly popular. We are proud to be able to support pathways to certification in both BIM and BREEAM through training, and host an increasingly popular membership program. It’s a membership scheme that doesn’t just take money – a BRE Academy Membership badge is a sign that someone has both reached an academic level and kept their skills sharp by investing time in CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

We continue constantly to innovate and develop. As an example, in the past month alone we launched a new course, typical of our specialist offerings – Waste Site Fire Training, developed by the BRE specialist involved with creating the new standards – in common with our BIM, BREEAM and other courses;  we refined a new leadership and management bespoke offering, partnering with specialists; we delivered a range of webinars (some of which can be found as recordings here: and have some exciting things in the pipeline to be announced imminently (just to keep you on tenterhooks),

To prepare for continued growth, BRE Academy is recruiting. You can see these here, on our website.

Please feel free to share these roles with friends and colleagues – they will thank you for finding that first step towards joining a dynamic, interesting place to work for a first class employer.

BRE Academy is the leading training provider for the built environment – and we have no plans whatsoever to let that slip.