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SmartWaste Version 3 Update: What’s What?

smartwaste_logo-300x81As part of our continuing development and improvement of our SmartWaste digital tool under the new SiteSmart brand, the version 3 update brings our users new modules and increased capabilities in reporting and presenting data.

The launch of this new release will further the ability for users to improve on project efficiency. Alongside this, the usability and accessibility of data information will be enhanced; making numerous means of data analysis accessible as and when you need it.

Priya Naik and Amanda Holt, Product Managers for YellowJacket and SmartWaste respectively, provide us with further insight into the new features we can expect in the SmartWaste Version 3 update…


What’s new in this release?

“There are three key changes associated with this update. The first of which is the combining of the timber and materials module. In addition to this there are also five new reports around waste, energy and materials and three new waste charts available at company and group level.”


How will these benefit users?

“By combing the timber and material modules the process of material data input and review is more user-friendly and streamlined, leading to an improvement on time efficiency for users and their teams.

The new reports will help users better manage and understand their environmental impacts by providing more information to aid in performance improvement.

Similarly, the new waste charts will expand the reach of SmartWaste’s reporting capabilities, giving you even more information to improve performance and solve problems as they occur; such as when increased waste arises during the construction phase.


So there we have it! SmartWaste version 3 brings you a further streamlined reporting service and numerous new means for reviewing project data live for improved effectiveness in addressing process inefficiencies.