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SFL’s real estate portfolio – Paris style, BREEAM substance.

SFL is France’s oldest real estate company, renowned for the quality of its property portfolio and its ability to breathe new life into buildings.

Founded in 1879, SFL is France’s oldest real estate company, renowned for the quality of its property portfolio and its ability to renovate and breathe new life into large buildings.

SFL chooses its properties in exceptional neighbourhoods, at the heart of the main business districts in the centre and west of the city of Paris. The company owns a portfolio worth more than 5.2 billion euro, totalling 405,000 square metres of workspace, engaging with a range of talented partners in the field of architecture and office design.

Reinvented and renovated, each project is an example of quality design with a long-term approach to sustainability, with the use of the BREEAM international sustainability standard underpinning that approach.

logo_SFL_blanc“100% BREEAM In-Use”


Since 2011, SFL adopted a disciplined Corporate Social Reporting (CSR) strategy, designed to reduce the environmental impact of all its assets. This includes a 100% commitment to BREEAM certification for all its revenue-generating properties.

Eric Oudard, Technical and Development Director for SFL, says “CSR is a lot more than environmental issues. It includes three types of value to which we pay careful attention: the value a building creates for the tenant (through maximum flexibility and efficient operation), its green value (through energy efficiency and a small carbon footprint) and its social value (through the quality of work life, the quality of supplier relationships and the quality of employee appreciation).”

SFL certifies all its existing assets under Parts 1 & 2 of BREEAM In-Use (for Asset Performance and Building Management respectively), and is engaging in discussions with tenants to enable them to earn certification under Part 3 (Occupier Management) as well.

One of the prime properties in SFL’s portfolio is Washington Plaza (described below), which was the first SFL asset to undergo certification under all three parts of BREEAM In-Use, an achievement that was reinforced when the building won the In-Use category at the BREEAM Awards in March 2015. These annual awards recognise the ‘best of the best’ in all BREEAM certified buildings each year, and the independent judging panel appreciated how Washington Plaza’s value had been enhanced by its renovation and reinvention, as well as the wider technical and energy efficiency improvements in the building.

Some of SFL’s BREEAM Highlights

Washington Plaza BREEAM In-Use Part 1 (Excellent) Parts 2 & 3 (Outstanding)

Washington Plaza
Washington Plaza

In the heart of the central business district located just off the Champs-Elysées on an 8,000-square metre plot, Washington Plaza is one of the capital’s finest office complexes, standing out for the quality of its amenities and the functionality of its units. Inside the complex, the Monceau and Artois buildings can be divided into open floor plates of 1,100 square metres, allowing a variety of possible layouts. Particular attention was paid to the services and amenities. In line with the current requirements of the Paris rental market, these include a staff restaurant, a cafeteria, reception and concierge services, an onsite property manager, a large parking garage and a building management system (BMS).

#Cloud.Paris : BREEAM New Construction – Shell (Excellent)

A unique three-building complex is a three-building complex within short walking distance of the Palais Brongniart and Palais Garnier in Paris’s financial district. When the building’s occupant, a major French bank, moved out in mid-2012, work began on a major redevelopment project to create a unique working environment based on modern, flexible office space and prestigious services and amenities such as a business centre, concierge, a restaurant and fitness rooms.


In Out : BREEAM In-Use Part 1 (Excellent)

In Out
In Out

Situated in a prized location at the Paris city limits, between the Sèvres and Saint-Cloud bridges, this highly visible building stands opposite Saint-Cloud Park on a road linking several strategic Ile-de-France business centres. SFL’s vision had convert this 35,000-square-metre symbol of France’s industrial and cultural heritage into an exciting office complex that continues to resonate with the location’s storied past. The main building house offices and be enhanced by a new, ultra-contemporary extension that welcome a services centre.

Future potential

One of most remarkable things about each of these three properties and SFL’s portfolio as a whole is that the sets itself a target for continuous improvement each year. Over the last three years, for example, the BREEAM In-Use rating for Washington Plaza has improved from Good/Very Good, to Excellent/Outstanding, reflecting the company’s genuine commitment to sustainability, using BREEAM to enhance performance and tenant experience.

In the introductory letter to SFL’s annual report for 2015, CEO Nicholas Reynaud commented “SFL is engaged in a constant quest for professional excellence and is the leader in the Parisian prime office market. Our sole aim is to effectively support our clients’ development by offering them a real estate portfolio that is increasingly well adapted to their corporate goals.”

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