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Science and technology roundup from around the web


Dutch SolaRoad performs better than anticipated
6 months into its pilot phase the SolaRoad, consisting of 70 metres of photovoltaic cycle path has generated over 3,000 kWh.

New understanding of granular dynamics helps build stronger foundations
Chinese and German researchers apply hydrodynamics to granular materials such as sand, grains, rock, salt and sugar to increase our understanding of their performance.

3-D printing speeds up construction of Sagrada Familia
Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is perhaps one of the longest running and intricate constructions on the planet.  This video from the BBC demonstrates how 3-D printing technologies are speeding up construction.

Virus from tobacco leaves could hold the key to more efficient heating and cooling
Researchers at Drexel University in Philidelphia are exploring how nature can improve heat transfer.

Could wood-based foams replace plastic in insulation systems?
Researchers at Fraunhofer have made a breakthrough in the field of creating foam from wood particles.

Nanotechnology improves detection of polluting emissions
Japanese and Austrian researchers develop nanoscale sensors to detect polluting emissions.

Ballistic wallpaper could help secure temporary structures during explosions
The United States military have developed a wallpaper that could help prevent walls from collapsing and prevent flying debris when under attack