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SABRE registered assessors and professionals

Over the past few weeks, BRE Global have been training the first groups of individuals seeking to become SABRE Registered Assessors. A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical issues covered by the SABRE scheme. Their role is to interpret the requirements of each issue in relation to a scheme, communicate these requirements to their client and liaise with the project team to collate the evidence and prepare the assessment report with the ultimate objective of helping their client achieve SABRE certification for their new or in-use facilities.

Along with the role of Registered Assessor, BRE Global are also introducing the SABRE Registered Professional. These individuals are deemed to meet the competency requirements of the various specialist deliverables within the SABRE scheme including: threat assessments, risk assessments, security strategies, technical design & engineering and operational security plans. However, the list is also intended to act as an indicator of professionalism for the benefit of the wider industry.

Registered Assessors and Professionals are registered under Licence through their organisation who will be granted SABRE Licensed Company status. The first SABRE Registered Assessors and Professionals are due to be listed on in the coming weeks.

If you are involved in security risk management in the built environment and would like to know how to become a SABRE Registered Assessor or Professional, please contact the SABRE team at [email protected] or visit for more information.