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Property & Business Interruption Insurance – Get recognised for good practice

Property protection insurance is not a legal necessity but without it a building owner will have to pay for any damage their property suffers. In addition, a business may lose income and might even face third party compensation claims related to property damage or injury through negligence.

So insurance can be a wise investment, particularly if you face threats such as terrorism that could result in substantial losses, even where your asset was not the terrorists target. However, we believe that if you are proactively managing risks, it is only fair that your insurer recognises this within your policy and prices cover accordingly. 

Last week, our team were with a committee of some of the UK’s largest property insurers and we introduced them to the SABRE assurance scheme. This is an important step in raising awareness of the role of security risk management systems in reducing property risks and of the scheme itself. We were well received and the attendees could see how independent certification can provide brokers and underwriters with a better understanding of management capability and commitment to security. 

We are happy to work with our scheme users to support them in discussions with their brokers but ultimately we are aiming to get national and international recognition for those adopting best practice and third party certification. We will update you on progress in the coming months. 

If you want to speak with us directly about how SABRE can be used to reduce insurance costs, contact us now on [email protected].