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New good practice guidance looks at the best way to deliver multifunctional solar car parks

As the UK Government seeks to include more renewable energy in the energy mix, solving problems associated with intermittent renewable generation will become more imperative due to the capacity issues in our electricity distribution network (BEIS, 2017) . Low carbon solutions which balance electricity supply and demand are required to achieve this, and multifunctional solar car parks can be part of this solution.

Multifunctional solar car parks can provide a number of revenue streams in addition to power sales and other benefits offered by a renewable energy source. However, when preparing a business case, consideration should also be given to operation, maintenance and security requirements, especially in areas susceptible to vandalism.

BRE National Solar Centre (NSC) in collaboration to FlexiSolar has recently launched a good practice guide for owners and developers’ provides an outline of the key factors to be considered when developing a business case for a multifunctional car park project from planning through to delivery. The guide looks at multifunctional solar car parks that combine renewable energy generation with energy storage and EV charging points.

Funded by Innovate UK and launched at Ecobuild, the Guide shows how multifunctional solar carports can add value to car parks by improving their economic and environmental performance.