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New: BREEAM Infrastructure

Hungerford and Goldern Jubilee Bridges, London, England, UK
Hungerford and Goldern Jubilee Bridges, London, England, UK

Following the joining of BREEAM and CEEQUAL, and our future plans to create a single sustainability standard and certification tool for civil engineering and infrastructure projects, we now offer the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) training.

Courses available in 2016

Get ahead of the game and be part of something new

As a BREEAM NC Infrastructure (pilot) delegate you will discover BREEAM through a blended learning approach delivered via online learning modules and classroom engagement. Successful completion of this process and the exam allows you to become a fully qualified BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure Assessor, and a new member of the BREEAM family.

Dates available:

12-14 January 2016 | BOOK NOW | Early bird discount, book before 20 December and use code BREACADEMY15 to get 15% off

6-8 April 2016 | BOOK NOW

8-10 June 2016 | BOOK NOW

7-9 September 2016 | BOOK NOW

Should I attend BREEAM training now?

The single combined scheme will be an integrated and improved version of BREEAM NC Infrastructure (pilot) and CEEQUAL. This is to ensure the best aspects of both methodologies are incorporated. The integrated scheme can therefore be considered equivalent to a version update in either scheme and we plan to launch this in 2017/2018.

Attending the pilot course will provide you with the fundamentals of the BREEAM NC Infrastructure methodology that will be key to the future approach developed by BRE Global, incorporating expertise from CEEQUAL, for assessing infrastructure assets.

The course is beneficial:

  • If you are working on one of the existing BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) projects, assessing or complying with criteria
  • If you are an existing BREEAM buildings or CEEQUAL assessor interested in assessing infrastructure assets, either with the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) version or with the single combined scheme being developed
  • If you are an existing CEEQUAL assessor and wish to understand the BREEAM methodology that will form a part of the single combined scheme
  • If you would like to understand the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) methodology in order to become a qualified assessor and assess infrastructure assets.

Click here to find out more about BREEAM Infrastructure

Click here to read the full news release on BRE and CEEQUAL joining together


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