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My Construction Role Model: What inspired me to work for BRE

Having a career which leaves a positive and meaningful impact on society is my top priority. From a young age I was aware of the problems we face as a species, to name a few: declining natural resources, environmental degradation and climate change. Learning about these problems inspired me to study Environmental Geoscience at Cardiff University, where my knowledge of these issues was enhanced greatly and provided me with a holistic view of how our society and economy interact with the environment.

Following my graduation in 2015, I undertook a research internship into renewable energy and climate change policy at a specialist consultancy based in Solihull, Ecuity Consulting. Working in a team of highly knowledgeable people in energy and environmental regulation, I gained greatly valuable commercial experience in the sector. It came to my understanding that one of the main ways we can tackle climate change is through improving our new and existing building stock, this experience at Ecuity motivated me to begin a career with BRE. Working at BRE, a world leading company dedicated to improving the built environment, there couldn’t be a better place to realise my career ambition of making a positive and meaningful impact on the environmental and society.