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My Construction Role Model: What inspired me to work for BRE

My curiosity with our surrounding environment and general sustainability topics was sparked during my high-school education years. I learnt to understand the growing importance and need for people who care about the environment, the future of our planet and its dwindling natural resources. Ultimately, this drove me to study Environmental Science at the University of York where I further developed my knowledge base around the associated issues of climate change and energy efficiency.

kevin-mccloudMy construction role model would be Kevin McCloud (presenter & developer) who I was lucky enough to meet earlier this year. I grew up watching the programme Grand Designs and was inspired by Kevin’s passion and intelligence around design of sustainable construction and analysis of new building innovations.

A combination of my background and industry influencers led me to pursue a career at BRE where meaningful research can be applied in positive, impactful ways. Working at BRE has taught me to acknowledge how human integration within the built environment specifically, can be paramount in tackling issues such as climate change, along with enabling me to get involved with multiple projects which couple physical structure and society together.