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My Construction Role Model: What inspired me to pursue this career at BRE

A couple of years ago I visited The Crystal and I was amazed by some of the innovative and technological solutions that were showcased that could make it possible for us to live on this planet sustainability. This really opened my eyes to the potential that the built environment could have, because of how a big a field it is, in the ways it could address many of the issues that we face today such as climate change, waste and pollution to even promoting health and wellbeing. This potential was also realised due to my background in sustainability where I gathered a holistic view on the subject understanding that things on this planet are all linked to each other in one way or another.

I have always been fascinated by systems, products and innovations that have enabled positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. Every time I hear about a product that has for example, been made out of recycled waste or technological advancements that will reduce our reliance on the planets resources, I am left in awe. This is what really inspires me to work in the field of sustainability and the built environment and as a result I would say that my role model is not just one particular person or organisation but all those people and organisations that strive to innovate and act sustainability. This is the reason why I chose to pursue a career at BRE.