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My Construction Role Model: Elon Musk and energy innovation

As an engineer, I always think about how we can improve the way things are done. One of the areas that interested me during university was energy and how we can use and produce it more sustainably. Initially, I thought energy use in transport would be where my career would lead. However after seeing the large amount of energy that is used in buildings, I felt the impact that buildings have on our futures was underappreciated and required more attention. As a company that is involved with the built environment in so many ways, BRE seemed like a great fit for me. The projects I’ve had a chance to work on here have allowed me to make a difference in a way that I hope will have a lasting impact.

I feel that this sector is currently moving too slowly and there is a lack of innovation which is why people like Elon Musk inspire me. Although not directly linked to construction, I think his work into energy and especially energy storage will be key in the uptake of low and zero carbon energy generation technologies. I also believe that by making sustainability more exciting, through products such as Tesla cars, future generations will be more engaged in solving the problems we face today.