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Martin Shipp becomes IFE International President 2017-18

BRE Global’s Fire Safety Technical Development Director, Martin Shipp, was installed as the Institute of Fire Engineers’ International President. BRE Group

BRE team members witnessed Martin’s inauguration at the recent IFE International Conference (11/12th July 2017). Pictured left to right: Peter Bonfield, Steve Manchester, Martin Shipp, Ciara Holland, Connor McIntosh, Jeremy Ockenden at the IFE Gala Dinner, Manchester Cathedral.BRE Group

In its 94th year, the two-day IFE International Conference was held at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre. Alongside distinguished conference speakers, the event was given new energy with interactive workshops and live demonstrations.

Martin Shipp commented: “The purpose of these workshops was really to gather and share views, experiences and knowledge on a number of key global topics from within the sector.

“This included competency and ethics in FSE, technical rescue, industrial fire and risk, fire problems with emerging energy technology, transport safety, competency in fire investigation, firefighter safety, heritage buildings and education.

“I am pleased to say there was a welcoming response to the workshops with solutions suggested and how the IFE can assist. Now we have captured this information it is a case of appropriately actioning each challenge. The findings from the workshops will help us plan our programme for our centenary year 2018.”

The IFE International Conference next year will be held in Edinburgh during the week commencing 29th October 2018.