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Interview: Updates to the YellowJacket User Experience

With YellowJacket Release 11 round the corner we spoke to Stuart Pattinson, our YellowJacket Customer Service representative, to get his thoughts on the changes soon to come to the tool and its users. This release focuses around improving the existing processes and user experience when logging Health & Safety incidents (e.g. a near miss, an injury or damage to property).

From your perspective, what were the key issues around logging incidents on YellowJacket before this release?

Previously, users had found the steps for logging and closing an incident more complex than necessary. For example, after recording the master incident record, many users were unsure of the next steps, resulting in either an incomplete or incorrect record in YellowJacket for that incident. This had a negative impact on reporting, and required technical assistance from the YellowJacket helpdesk in order to guide users through the correct process.

One of my responsibilities in a customer support role is to take on board comments and suggestions, and feed that back to the product development team, who will then improve the system further based on this feedback. This is why user feedback is so important to us, as it helps us to continually improve the tool.

How do you think the redesigned incident module will be perceived by YellowJacket customers?

I would like to believe that the redesigned incident module will be perceived by users as an improvement, both in terms of process and ‘look and feel’. I am hoping that this resolves the issues that have been put forward such as the above. In recent weeks when dealing with customers over the phone and mentioning improvements to the incident module, I have had a really positive response around these changes already, which is a good sign!

What are the new features in the redesigned version that will improve the user experience?

I would say the key new feature is the incident dashboard, where for each incident you can see the whole picture and status.

For example, if you witnessed a tree falling in high winds onto a car and almost hitting a passer-by, once logged, this dashboard will now show you all the consequences of this incident and the progress/action taken to resolve this. This means you have full visibility of the whole incident in one place. In addition to this, we have removed certain mandatory elements to make the process of logging incidents quicker, easier and more user friendly.

Where can users go if they have any questions on the redesigned incident module?

Any queries you may have surrounding the new incident module can be directed to our helpdesk. Please do not hesitate to email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 333 014 7878, where our customer support team will be happy answer any queries you may have.