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Great news – record amount of registrations for BREEAM Sweden

Registrations for the environmental certification scheme BREEAM Sweden (SE) are exceeding all expectations.

During 2017, Sweden Green Building Council received 57 new registrations for projects that want to certify their buildings, according to BREEAM-SE. That’s three times the number of registrations that were made during 2016.

“We’re seeing a lot of new developers choosing BREEAM-SE, which I believe is the main reason for the increase in registrations. I’m thrilled that more and more companies use BREEAM-SE as a tool to work sustainably in to building projects, both for prestige projects and for simpler buildings.”
– Sabina Jonestrand, BREEAM Manager at Sweden Green Building Council –

One of the property owners that registered the most projects during 2017 is the supermarket chain Lidl. By working with BREEAM-SE as the sustainability platform for their stores, Lidl have positioned themselves as one of the leading developers in sustainability.

“We feel that we’ve gotten other opportunities to profile ourselves by working with environmental certification schemes. The commitment created by environmental certification has been incredible and you can really tell that it has created an internal pride here at Lidl.”
– Johan Augustsson, property director at Lidl Sweden –

BREEAM-SE is a Swedish adaptation of BREEAM, which is the most used environmental certification scheme for buildings in Europe. Apart from the environmental benefits, certification with BREEAM-SE is good for profitability, with investors seeing a higher financial value in buildings where the environmental certification can be compared on international levels.