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First week overview

Hello again!


I am presently on the last day of my first week, and well, time flies!

All happens so quickly, I met a lot of great people, I had the chance to see very interesting projects and give my opinion on them. Long story short, everything goes well, and I get to do things I am interested in.

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend a lecture from Ed Suttie, about his “Arctic adventures”. As the title subtly suggests, he actually went on a trip to the North Pole, and used this opportunity to raise funds for different charities! He held a lunch time session to raise awareness of the causes he supports and on the issues the polar ice cap is facing. It was truly great! Between sweet pictures of astonishing landscapes and amusing stories, there were interesting discussions about serious matters, such as climate change and its impacts. Overall, a captivating lecture! (Donations are still accepted, so you should definitely check out his website!)

When going to this lecture, I met another newcomer: she has only been working here for two weeks, I felt less alone all of a sudden! She is no intern, but I found someone that can relate to my feeling of newness. Talking about aloneness, my supervisor is away for two days, I already feel like I miss his jokes! We also plan to go to King’s College on Wednesday, to attend a seminar on the future of Brazil, after the turmoil it is going through. I am really looking forward to it: it is going to be awesome! There will be famous guests, talking on subjects that are dear to my heart, such as politics and Human Rights. I cannot stress enough how much I am excited to go there!

So, that’s about it, my first week at BRE! Quite pleasant overall, and I am eager to pursue my internship here!

I will keep you up to date on my experience!