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Final Week: Farewell

Hi all!

It has been a while since I last posted here, but here I am! However, this will sadly be my last post on this blog. Indeed, my internship at BRE is now finished! It was only five weeks but sincerely, everything happened so quickly, I feel like it was way less.

What a week it was to finish this internship! We got to welcome a delegation from Chile, to talk about a project of collaboration with BRE and Universities in Chile. We are trying to implement a project in the building industry in Chile, which is one of the most important sector of the Chilean economy: it represents 7.8% of the GDP and employs 8.4% of the workforce through more than 30 000 companies. This project answers to a Chilean governmental incentive, which aims to improve sustainability, productivity and innovation within the construction sector. I had the chance to attend the majority of the meetings, and it was really exciting to see a collaboration being set up, and to see the differences of needs and practices between Chile and the UK. Overall, this was quite exhausting, but what a way to finish my internship! I was really interested in seeing the challenges and the possibilities of this cooperation, and it feels really good to know that we can work to address public issues that affect many people on a daily basis. As an international relations student, this kind of exchange and international collaboration mean a lot to me, and I was really happy to help within this project.

Overall, I had a truly great time here at BRE, in an interesting and dynamic company – under the banner of the sacrosanct concepts of Health and Safety. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different and interesting people, and it is really pleasant to realise how much I learnt during this internship.

To all the readers and the BRE staff: Goodbye, and thank you.