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Digital tool training: maximising user knowledge

yj-smart-mockupDigital tools, such as BRE’s SmartWaste and YellowJacket software tools, have created huge possibilities in terms of project management, efficiency and data collection for construction professionals.

SmartWaste helps companies through environmental monitoring and data interpretation across the entire supply chain, and YellowJacket through improving health, safety and well-being in order to maximise savings on time, money and lives.
As the construction sector moves further into the digital sphere; resources, tools and programmes are being developed at unprecedented rates. While continuous development and update can only be applauded, often users do not experience the full potential of these types of tools, whether due to a lack of understanding of new updates, or an unwillingness to adapt from a method a user is comfortable with (such as pen and paper, or spreadsheets).

Training courses/webinars allow for specialist knowledge – not only about the tools themselves, but also their use in industry – to be shared, for connections to be made between peers, and for maximum tool operation to be achieved by users.

That being said, attending a singular training course is not necessarily a game changer…

Simply put, training itself is a tool.

As the word ‘tool’ implies, training is a means to boost productivity and efficiency – but only when followed through properly.

That is why our BRE digital tool training options feature frequent general user, super user, online and bespoke training opportunities to keep you up to date with how best to utilise your software tool. In addition we hold regular webinars and training courses focused on specific tool updates or construction tool talking points that aim to provide you with a continuous means of improving how you record, manage and use data.


But don’t just take our word for it…

95% of delegates that have attended a SmartWaste, YellowJacket or general digital tool course have rated our training as either Excellent or Very Good. Here is what they had to say about their experience…

“Easy to understand course which was interactive, answered all my questions and related to jobs onsite.”

“Very in-depth clear technical training.”

“The course provided me with all the information I needed. Pace was just right and technical content very high and answered all my questions.”

“A detailed course I would recommend to others.”

With all this in mind, why not book on to one of our upcoming courses?

Thursday 20th October – YellowJacket Super User Training, London, £499

Friday 21st October – YellowJacket General User Training, London, £225 (Save 25%!)

Wednesday 23rd November – The power of data in construction: SmartWaste Webinar, Free!