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Delivering built asset operational excellence – Insight and tips from construction clients and supply chains

Report from the Constructing Excellence Asset Management group summarises an approach to delivering more value during the operational phase of buildings.  It is based on lessons learnt, insights and tips shared by major construction clients and CE members with the CE Asset Management Group since 2012.


The report examines how clients and their supply chains can deliver operational excellence, based on sector specific workshops where major clients and contractors shared their learning based on their experience and specific projects.  The report suggests actions that clients and their supply chains can take to achieve improvements during the operational phases.   The report concludes with areas that need further research, which will be explored by the asset management group over the next two years and will result in further guidance.

Read the full blog by John O’Brien chair of the Constructing Excellence Asset Management Group on the Constructing Excellence website, including details on how to get involved with the ongoing work of the group.

Download a copy of the full report.