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Construction & Excel – An average formula

At a time where data has the power to make or break organisations within the construction industry, having the right tools for managing various aspects of your projects, sites or organisation as a whole – is paramount.

Audits have shown that nearly 90% of spreadsheets with over 150 rows include errors; with there being a 1 in 50 chance of each individual cell containing an error.

Bearing in mind these statistics, large spreadsheets used for construction management consisting of hundreds and thousands of cells must contain a high level of inaccuracies.

And yet, so many organisations still rely on these tools!

There are alternatives – in the form of specially-designed, off the shelf software systems that can help with this, enabling you to improve performance throughout your construction projects and sites in a more efficient way.

So what is it that makes software tools a better choice?

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With so many evident benefits to using specifically designed software tools it is certain they will play an important role in improving the efficiency and performance of numerous aspects of construction businesses.

Check out BRE’s construction site digital tool hub, SiteSmart, for more information about health & safety, waste management, and performance improvement software.