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Burton Safes: safe with LPS 1175 Issue 8

Burton Safes are proud to have over 30 products with LPS 1175 certification and are now delighted to be the first company to achieve LPS 1175 Issue 8 with two products from their extensive range of physical security solutions;

Orthrus is a freestanding high security room of modular construction – delivering optimum price/performance ratio to F10/G5 level. The flexibility of design and build allow this to be the perfect solution when looking to house a secure space within existing structures, whether that be in the commercial world for high value items or indeed military/government use for sensitive materials or meeting spaces.

Keyguard XL is a robust mechanical key safe, designed to hold and secure multiple keys or access cards. Originally aimed at the care provision market it now finds itself, due to its high security level, attracted to remote storage of keys for many business sectors; CIT, property management (lettings and voids), emergency access door over-ride key storage, secure store access management etc. At the time of certification, it achieved 3 x the attack test time of its nearest competitor.

Richard Flint, Physical Security Technical and Business Development Manager at BRE Global, commented “Burton Safes have once again demonstrated their ability to develop products capable of delivering market leading levels of resistance to manual forced entry. Their Orthrus modular strongroom delivers a significant delay to forced entry attempts by professional attackers using a wide range of tools including petrol driven disc cutters”.

Burton Safes have more than 100 products with UK Police Preferred Specification status via the Secured by Design initiative ranging from doors and rooms to free-standing safes. They deliver physical security solutions globally, having recently delivered projects in the Middle East and Hong Kong.

BRE Global (incorporating LPCB) delivers internationally recognised third-party testing and certification of security products and services. Our LPS standards and LPCB certification are relied upon to ensure equipment delivers effective levels of protection, while SABRE is our ground-breaking security assessment and certification scheme for buildings, infrastructure and managed space.

LPS 1175 is BRE Global’s globally recognised standard for forced entry protection. LPS 1175 covers the broadest scope of physical security products and services of any publicly available standard in the world, and the broadest scope of forced entry threat scenarios involving intruders that have little regard to the noise they make during attempts to achieve unauthorised access to assets, property and people. The standard is the result of many years of work in partnership with Government, Insurers, Police and other stakeholders, and is a core element of physical security specification across many sectors.

The latest version (Issue 8) defines intruder resistance in terms of Security Ratings that are formed of the following two elements:

  • Threat level – Letter (A to H) corresponding with the tool kit used to evaluate the product’s intruder resistance and the number of attackers involved.
  • Delay – Numeric value (1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20) corresponding with the minimum delay (in minutes) provided by the product when placed in a locked condition.

Issue 8 supports a layered approach to security, enabling the delay provided by products forming each layer of security to be determined against a common threat.

Products certified to LPS 1175 suit environments ranging from those in which an opportunist may be willing to spend up to one minute using easily concealed hand tools (Security Rating A1) through to sustained professional attacks lasting 20 minutes using a wide range of manual, electrical and thermal attack tools (Security Rating H20).

For further details of the updated security standard LPS 1175 Issue 8 contact LPCB’s security team [email protected] +44 (0)333 321 88 11