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Information Management goes International

We will shortly be seeing the very first international standard published for Information Management using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Beginning with ISO 19650-1: Concepts and principles, ISO 19650-2: Delivery phase of assets. These two standards will supersede the UK standards BS 1192 and PAS 1192-2.

Why is this happening?

BRE has ensured that we are aligned with industry good practice.

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How BRE can help you?

BRE is committed to help improve productivity through its proven expertise in delivering information management and BIM services for Built Environment professionals – through leading BIM practitioners offering guidance for delivering relevant training and certification as well as leading the UK in BIM related innovative research.

BRE Academy delivers world leading built environment training in the understanding of information management, BIM and best practice fundamentals that when adopted leads towards efficient delivery, driving excellence, preventing errors and saving time and money.

BRE Academy courses supports the industry with an understanding of Information management and BIM, supporting the journey towards BIM Certification. The latest training is aimed at the whole supply chain, including clients, manufacturers, designers and construction teams.

Your BIM Journey

BRE Director BIM

Expert Paul Oakley, BRE said:

“The transition from the UK BIM Level 2 to International ISO 19650 standards is going to be a major challenge for the global AECO industry. Fortunately, BREs expertise, knowledge and industry experience can support our clients through this change to facilitate a practical implementation that reduces risk and increases productivity.”

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