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BRE @ Digital Construction Week

You might have seen that BRE is partnering with Digital Construction Week (taking place next week, 26 & 27 October 2016), championing the event as Digital Knowledge Partner and fielding three expert speakers.

‘BRE is committed to helping the built environment sector benefit from the use of digital technologies and rich data enabled products and services’, these are the words of BRE’s Chairman, Chris Earnshaw – who is firmly behind embracing digital technologies for our industry.

BRE activity at the show

With 5 speaking slots and our stand (M19, by the way), you’ll have a good opportunity to find out more about what BRE is up to in the digital construction space – read on to see more…

BIM and Paul

The first speaker, Paul Oakley is talking about how SME’s need to make sure they don’t fall behind larger companies in uptaking BIM.

SME’s are better placed for easier adoption of BIM than larger businesses – meaning opportunities and benefits can be achieved even sooner. Paul will be discussing approaches to achieve this for the smaller business – so if you’re a small business looking to understand the #BenefitsOfBIM, this really is one to watch!

You can catch Paul speaking on 26 October at 2pm on the main stage

Paul has written a blog, and filmed a short video summarising his talk, which you can check out on Digital Construction News now.

Digital tools and Stuart

The second speaker, Stuart Blofeld is talking about innovation and technology for sustainability in regards to digital waste management tools.

The cost of waste to business is significant – having a process to monitor and manage waste is vital in order to have an effective system, and the key is encouraging contractors to consistently and accurately measure and monitor waste.

This is where innovation and technology advancements in online reporting tools come in. Stuart will discuss this topic on the main stage on Day 2, talking about how you can improve sustainability performance through these software systems.

Stuart is speaking on 27 October at 12.15pm on the main stage.

Paul has written a blog, and filmed a short video summarising his talk, which you can check out on Digital Construction News now.

Skills and Pauline

The third BRE speaker, Pauline Traetto will talk about the massive skills gap in the construction sector – a major player in the UK, yet a fifth of all vacancies in the wider industry are hard to fill  -so why is this?

Earlier this year the BRE Academy set out to explore the issues at the heart of this problem and have been looking for solutions, which Pauline will be discussing on the main stage on Day 2 – a key conference slot to watch as it’s all about the future of our industry.

Pauline is speaking on 27 October at 2pm on the main stage.

As with the others, Pauline has written a blog, and filmed a short video summarising her talk, which you can check out on Digital Construction News now.

In addition to these three main stage talks, Stuart and Pauline are also hosing talks on the Tech stage and Digital in Action stage as well, where Stuart will be doing the first ever public demonstration of the recently released process improvement tool; and where Pauline will be talking through how the popular BIM Essentials online course was developed with companies in mind – and giving a few examples of how this has helped them.

It’s a little like a box of chocolates – you can pick your favourite and just have that, our you can go all out and have them all!

We’ll see you there (Stand M19) – just don’t forget to register!