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BRE Academy and CITB launch new ‘BIM for Site Managers’ online training

A new online training course, BIM for Site Managers, has been launched by BRE Academy and the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board ) to equip site managers with a solid grounding in BIM (Building Information Modelling).

BIM is rapidly changing the way that people work and collaborate on construction projects. Well implemented, it delivers faster, more efficient construction, less mistakes and lower costs over the lifetime of a building. It’s about far more than simply adopting software, and site managers at the ‘sharp end’ will increasingly be required to adopt and apply BIM procedures.

With this in mind, this online course has been specifically developed to support site managers. It discusses the key principles of BIM and will help site managers understand their responsibilities and the actions they need to take.

It is one of the first of a series refreshed format BIM courses to be release by BRE Academy since appointing new head of eLearning, Darren Ardeman, and investing heavily in new software technologies for a continuously improved learning experience.

Delivered online, site managers will be able to undertake ‘BIM for Site Managers’ at their own convenience. It is built on a platform that allows them to start and stop the course, redo parts if wished, and to refer to it as a point of reference.

The course covers:

  • Defining the process known as BIM Level 2, definitions and terminology
  • An understanding of how to improve workflows
  • How to limit liabilities
  • How to reduce risk on deliverables
  • How BIM can reduce costly waste and improve accuracy (and increase profit margins)

Director of BRE Academy, Pauline Traetto, said: “BIM is all about ‘Information Management’ process and procedures, and the common data environment (CDE). Our mission is to ensure that the whole supply chain is competent in BIM Level 2, and that both individuals and employers within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries fit into the BIM Level 2 process. The CITB has highlighted how key site managers are in delivering BIM projects, and we are delighted to have been their partner of choice for creating this course.”

Ben Lever, CITB Future Skills Manager, said “BIM is becoming ever more important in construction, which is why we are pleased to have worked with BRE to develop this new online course. Led by the forward-thinking team at BRE Academy, it provides the targeted and rigorous training that’s really needed.”

“It’s right that this course is aimed at site managers because they have a key role to play in implementing BIM and ensuring successful adoption. We hope this course has a big impact and helps our industry raise its performance.”

This course has been developed by BRE’s BIM experts who have many years of practical experience, developing standard and world respected knowledge.