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BIM certification builds up business strength and industry recognition

Guy Hammersley, BIM Director at BRE caught up with Prater Associate Director Stuart Whiting and BIM Coordinator Ed Arnold to hear about how achieving BRE Global BIM Business Systems Certification has added to their business strength.

How long have you been using BIM in your projects and what have been the main challenges so far?

This would be our sixth year of utilising 3D and 4D BIM modelling techniques. Our main challenges have been the differing levels of understanding within the construction industry, not everyone has the same level of understanding or capability.

BIM Level 2 is government-driven, but are you embracing BIM as a business opportunity?

The standardisation of information exchange throughout the construction industry has always been seen as the way forward.  Achieving BIM Level 2 certification has added to our business strength and capability recognition within the industry.

Why have you sought BIM certification?  

BIM Level 2 certification enables our clients, tier 1 contractors and supply chain members to have the increased confidence and understanding that Prater can deliver elite construction projects to a high level of BIM with embedded standards and processes within the business.

What has BRE Global certificated? 

The BRE scheme has certified our compliance with PAS1192-2:2013 and our competence and capability relating to BIM Level 2.

What was the approach to certification and how did you find the process? 

Our application began with the BRE online audit followed by the desktop assessment, then concluded with the on-site audit.  The process was well structured and systematic.

In what way was the process especially valuable, for example, what did you learn from it?

We found the on-site audit of great value and experience.  It was very beneficial to present our company BIM processes and procedures to recognised BIM professionals within the industry for their assessment and analysis.

Has the certification process helped with integrating BIM into your business?

The process has highlighted how we as a company are able to audit ourselves within the business to maintain our BIM Level 2 compliance and future progression.

What other benefits do you see from being certified?

This has strengthened our abilities and confidence from within the business and we stand proud within the construction industry as one of the first specialist contractors to achieve BIM Level 2.

How have your existing clients responded to your certification and do you see it as an important aspect of winning new work?

We are still yet to find out our customers’ feedback, but we are confident it will help us win more projects.