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BEGlobal: Challenges and opportunities of being global

Being global is already a reality for millions of people. Since technological barriers have been removed and movement between countries has in many ways become easier, there are numerous people, men and women, who live and work outside their country of origin or permanent residence for shorter or longer periods of time.

Within the built environment sector, technical expertise, but also financial conditions, mean numerous professionals work globally and adjust to new ways of working, living and thinking. Large organisations are expanding globally and consequently, opportunities arise for those who wish to have an international experience and career. International collaborations and projects provide the opportunity to travel and work globally. And while this is an immense opportunity financially, technically and culturally, it brings up several aspects to consider and potentially challenges to overcome.

Considering my personal professional experience and my work in three different countries, I recognise this international exposure as an invaluable experience and something I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to travel and work globally and experience different work practices and cultures.

There are however aspects that need to be considered further by companies expanding globally and individuals working abroad.

How do professional qualifications compare across countries? Are the roles similar to what you are used to in your home country and how do you manage these expectations on a personal and an organisation level?

How can the language barrier and cultural differences be overcome? Is this different for men and women?

What are the skills that individuals need to develop? How can organisations support their people for a successful global professional career?

Does this global expansion and growth influence gender equality and diversity and if yes how?

The #BEGlobal event organised by the BRE Women’s Network will discuss these and many more aspects at the event taking place at the IET in London on 14th November. Confirmed panellists include Amanda Clack, President and Fellow of the RICS and Head of Strategic Consulting and UK Board member at CBRE, Naomi Climer, Chair of Council of the International Broadcasting Convention and past President and Fellow of the IET, Melanie De Wet, Associate Director at WSP and Maya Naasani, Commercial Consultant and Economist. The event will be chaired by BRE’s CEO Dr Peter Bonfield OBE FREng. Find out more and secure your free ticket here.