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3 things you should know about SMARTWaste’s new reporting software release

Listening to customers’ feedback, the digital tools team has developed new reporting SMARTWaste features which will be added early in August 2016. This release is all about letting SMARTWaste users have access to the information they need, quickly and easily.

We caught up with Priya Naik, Product Manager for both SMARTWaste and YellowJacket, and Amanda Holt, Senior Consultant at BRE, to learn more about these new features…

So, what new features does this release include, and how will it help users?

Amanda: This release is all about reporting and the ability to download data.

Priya: It will help you obtain a visual view as well as a printable view of all projects – giving you an overview ‘at a glance’ of the performance information of your projects and giving you the opportunity to identify areas of improvement.
SW new release3Amanda:
First of all, the project home page has been renamed the project dashboard, and it now features key data in tables as well as colourful charts summarising performance. It is searchable by date and can be downloaded both as a designed pdf version including the charts and a csv file of tables.

Priya: It will be easier to extract waste data and to add it into reports whenever you need it, through the export functionality.

Amanda: At project level, users will also see a new tab called edit project where you can amend the projects’ details, set targets and activate modules.

Moreover, at a project and company level, you can run a new waste report with filters to search for greater detail, with the option of saving a specific selection of filters as a query with a name. It enables you to easily run the same report in the future.

Priya: With the save function on the new waste report filters, every user can save time when running this report and can cater for multiple scenarios.

How can users get access to this and when will it be available?

Priya: All Generic SMARTWaste users will have access to these new features from Monday 8th August.

Need more info?

Amanda: You can contact us on the usual way via phone on 01923 664471 or via email at [email protected].

If you want to see these new updates and how to use them before it goes live, book your place on our upcoming webinar hosted by SMARTWaste trainer Stuart Blofeld on Thursday 18th August.